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L O C A L  


The local community offers a truly unique oasis of rustic ways of life amid the urban setting of the capital city.This is where hundreds of street food vendors you'll see across inner Bangkok live and make their food,  home of tuk tuk drivers, the famous and distinctly Thai mode of transportation that offers you a unique way of getting around the city, not to be missed for once-in-a-life-time experience, local fortune tellers, a Thai boxing camp, and a hidden track along the railways, along which you can walk to explore. 

As you walk through the alley, you’ll also see chickens that some of the residents raise for their eggs, either kept in traditional bamboo coops or allowed to roam free, as well as gardens where the locals grow their own vegetables.


Early risers can take a short walk to the morning market nearby and be dazzled by the vast variety of food, ranging from rustic northeastern Thai delicacies to Chinese and Halal dishes, made by the locals from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds who co-exist harmoniously in the community.

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