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C I T Y  &  C U L T U R E


Discover the rich culture of Bangkok and explore the dynamic of this city during your stay. Renowned for its diverse range of experiences, from tranquil temples and historical sites to bustling markets, first-class shopping hotspots, and wild nightlife, Bangkok will give you an unforgettable memory.

F L O W E R  M A R K E T

From quintessentially Thai flowers like jasmines and orchids to imported tulips and peonies, this is another all-time favourite destination for tourists. This narrow street is bustling with activity all day and night.

There is a hidden flower cafe as well. As you walk past the flower shops, be sure to keep an eye out for a sign that says "café on the second floor." It will lead you to one of the best secret spots in the area where you can enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee, unwind, mesmerise by the stunning floral decoration and watch the market and the crowds below. 

C H I N A  T O W N

China Town is another destination not to be missed, especially for food lovers. From early morning until late at night, both sides of the main road are lined with food stalls, manned by friendly street vendors who sell all sorts of authentic Chinese delicacies from noodles, rice with crispy pork, roasted chestnuts, and bird nest soup. 

J A T U J A K  M A R K E T 

It’s time for shopping! Jatujak Market, or JJ Market, is a largest open-air weekend market in Bangkok. You will find everything you can imagine here: clothes, trees, food and beverages, housewares, traditional Thai handicrafts, and even pets. The market is open on Saturday and Sunday from morning until evening. The ideal time to visit the market is early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun. 

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