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Local Breakfast

One of the things Thailand is best known for is its food. During the stay, you can order your breakfast from our choices at least 1 day prior. Numerous local food are available and will be served at your selected time, so that you can still enjoy a wholesome breakfast at Kloem Hostel whether or not you are an early bird.

If you want a western-style breakfast, we can provide toast, jams, and milk as well.  Coffee and tea are available 24 hours for self-service in the pantry. 

Personalise your space

A bed of your own style

After checking in, it’s time to decorate your own private space. All guests who stay at Kloem Hostel can borrow ornaments from our shelves to make your bed feel more like home.

We have a bamboo table lamp, books, a fishbowl with an elegant Siamese fighting fish moving slowly around, pots of plants, a fish mobile made of palm leaves, a small fan, a clock, hammocks (for private rooms only) and many other things you may never think of.

Tuk Tuk Service

The most famous ride in Thailand that you cannot be missed.

Book in advance for a ride from Hostel to BTS, Airport Rail Link and other nearby locations. 
(price from 20-30B per person)

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